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Our Crust. Their Canvas. – Matthew

By April 10, 2021June 2nd, 2022People

Matt Wuorinen has been a Spicy Pie team member for the past 4.5 years!  He is currently a supervisor and you can most frequently find him at our Downtown location!  Something fun & unique about Matt is that he started contributing his art for Spicy Pie before he was even an employee!

Q:    How and when did you start creating art for Spicy Pie? 

A: In 2016 or 17 I submitted art to go into a new location. It was actually before I worked here.

Q:     What has been your favorite piece of artwork you’ve made?

A: The chair at WF I did with Jodi, or helping Ian with the Home Alone scene in the window DT. We won tickets to the Fargo film festival for that. 

Q:    How has art impacted your life?

A: I never thought much about trying art until around 2014 and since then I’ve met some of my greatest friends and had some of the greatest experiences.  It is constantly forcing me to keep learning.

Q: How has art impacted your job at Spicy Pie?

A: One reason I applied to work here years ago was because I loved the aesthetic, and vibe of the DT store! The staff was always nice too and I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a lot of them.